Brittany Fisheli


Hair: Blonde 

Eyes: Blue 

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 110 lbs

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Willing to travel






The Last Ten Seconds            Young Mary                               Michael Mike Canon – King's Artist Productions


The Dark Tapes                       Ashen                                       Michael McQuown - Thunder Road Production

For Lauren                              Young Bridget Higbie                 Andrea Bensussen


Till The Aces Come                 Young Becky                             Adam Everett


A Glitter of Hope                      Caitlin Davenport                      Hussain Alsadeq




Henry Danger    S3 E12 & 13   "Piper's Friend #2"             Kim Sherwood


Yamaha - "Real Music Real Fun"    Young Abigail    Eric Von Doymi – Gunslingers Productions

Technospeak - "Episode 1"              Lexi                   Elizabeth Yoder – Affinity Corey Story


Training & Workshops

David Barry Gray       Gray Studios                                         Aud. Tech/Scene Study

Linda Hoppus            Orange County Song & Dance             Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Singing Class


Billy Purnell                Billy Purnell                                           Private Vocal Coach


Mike Chat                   XMA World Headquarters                    Xtreme Martial Arts/Stunts/Acrobats


Howard Meltzer          Actor Training LA                                  Comedy Intensive


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